High Build Vinyl-Semi Matt

High Build Vinyl-Semi Matt

  • €2200

A fast drying, low sheen primer/topcoat giving a tough flexible coating with outstanding adhesion to many difficult areas.
Not suitable for use in areas subject to chemical/solvent attack.

High Build Vinyl is a fast drying, high performance, anti-corrosive, self priming semi-matt finish for use on;

- Metal gates, railings and fences. Adheres directly to galvanised metal or steel.
- Steel structures subject to low temperatures or high humidity.
- Cladding Paint (test area and technical assistance required before use).
- General metal fabrication where superior adhesion & durability is required.
- As an alternative to Pliolite as a high performance external wall coating.

Recommend Thinners: Xylene

For Professional use only.

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